Saturday, October 17, 2009

Orlin Pumpkin Pancakes

Dear Annie is visiting the city. This morning/afternoon, Melanie and Annie and I went to Orlin for some festive october pumpkin pancakes. But they were sold out! WHAT!? Orlin IS very popular at brunch so.... we accepted it and moved on.

My head was pounding and we were sitting outside in 45 degree weather so we just ordered our omelettes.

Melanie and Annie

Annie and I... nice clipped back bangs

Mushroom omelette. la la

I am maybe insane about these pancakes... so when the manager came around and asked how our meal was.... no idea why (our waitress hated us for no reason)- I asked the lady "Soooooooo If I came tomoorrrooowww, would you have pumpkin pancakes back yet?" She said: "I have then now again!"

So we ordered some.... but thinking about this I JUST realized they never gave us the maple syrup... which is depressing. Or maybe I had to ask for it in the past.... I totally forget.



  1. On the side is definitely the way to go with the cinnamon (had to try spelling that twice) yogurt. I really like it, but if you have it on top, then it's weird if you take a pancake home because they get all soggy. And I never can finish all the pancakes.

    Can't remember if I had to ask for the maple syrup. Leaning towards yes for some reason.

  2. Priya!

    Its like a party of my friends in the comment section.

    I decided that YES we had to ask for the syrup.

    And - THREE of us split the pancakes... but that was after a meal all to ourselves of eggs.

    Of course you've changed you've changed you've changed!

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