Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm so freaking thankful

SO it is thursday and I got a little reminder notification in my phone to write a "Thankful Thursday" post, and I was like ughhhhhhhghhghhhhghhhghghghhghhhhhhh. Is this my only way for good karma and positivityyyyy it can't beeeeeeee.

But, because I like to pretend to keep my promises, here it is:

-I am thankful for makeup. It makes a difference. It tricks people. I am also thankful that the boy that I am seeing didn't think that I wore makeup. HA!

-I am thankful today for advil liquigels- specifically. It is good for so very many things. Like hangovers. And today: Cramps. And some days: hangovers + cramps. And for being a cure-all that hasn't given me stomach ulcers - yet

-I am so thankful for dry shampoo because my goddamn shower has (been) broken (for year and a half) and vacillates between scalding and freezing and I do not want to take one now!

-So, I am thankful to my superintendent for literally NOTHING.

-I am thankful for bananas because they are portable.

-I am thankful for small bottles of wine. I dunno why. They are just cute. And they are wine.

-I am thankful for the reminder app on my phone, unless it is pissing me off.

-I am thankful for dim lighting so I don't have to look at my face too closely.

-I am thankful for ordering things on amazon, but seriously, breaking down and taking the boxes to the basement makes it all arguably harder than regular shopping, so what do I do.... do I need a maid?

Ok, I'm done. I need some advil.

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