Thursday, August 27, 2009

cafe orlin

I go to Cafe Orlin probably about.... 4 times a week. And often with Alex.

We keep track of all the waiters and often comment to each other, "Wow, she is looking very skinny these days, hope she is ok." And, "tranvestite changed his hair!".

Also, it isn't overpriced - it is right around the corner - and the food is fantastic.

I normally get one of their omelettes but today I was feeling like being even more boring: 2 eggs any style.

The food is middle easterny influenced. (They have a lot of hummus/pita/falafel options.) But they also have less exotic options.

And they have amazing brunch. And Pumpkin Pancakes- but it is August and so completely inappropriate to order those yet.

But The Fall Is Coming.

That is a Merguez Lamb Sausage. Yes, it Does look like a turd. Alex called it musky.

My normal eggs. Over Medium. Exciting.

Her halloumi salad

I decided to focus very hard on the lighting fixture while she took my picture below as if it was a candid, but instead I just look ridiculous.

And yes, we drank rose wine. I'm not surprised.