Sunday, September 27, 2009

Delivery is a Hassle

Name - almost as cool as Peace of Pizza. BUT more importantly....

Today I did not leave my house until 9:30 pm, and even then it was to go rent more dvds. I was a load. And I have decided to not feel guilty- because otherwise the relaxation was a waste. But... you and I both know I still feel stupid.

I have also a fear of ordering-in food. I feel bad for the delivery guy and think they are going to get lost or not have change- or I won't have cash. Its irrational, I know.

Today is the first day I have ordered in for myself. Except I didn't even do it, Jacob did. He came over. We wanted to loaf but I also needed his anthology of plays for a certain play I have to read by Tuesday.

Needless to say- Pete's-a-Place was cheap - which was it's selling point. But not very good.

Half and half pizzas.... ah the days when my brother and I couldn't agree on what to get...

Harlem High

So, last night I spent 55 dollars round trip to go to 147ths street for my friend Matt's housewarming party- and it will be the last time. THE LAST TIME. 

Their apartment is great and cheap- but SO FARRR. And he cruelly freaked me out by mentioning getting mugged or raped by the gangs that hang out on his stoop.

Also there were construction guys working on the lobby when I was leaving at 2 am. What?

It is slightly possible that I hallucinated them, because I smoked pot last night for the first time in 2 years. And last time ever. I was proud of myself for giving it all those chances 2 years ago because, you know, people really seem to love it. But I DO NOT.

It makes me feel weighed down and stuck in a burning body. Its so weird.

Last night I proclaimed- "Oh no. Oh no no I am high. I am high. I knew I hated this. I am high and my SHOULDERS ARE BUZZING". And I could watch everybody laughing but it wasn't funny. It was stupid. 

When high- I (at least) can see the stupidity of what is going on- but can't do anything about it. I keep thinking. "Ugh I am laughing but nothing is funny. They are all so stupid". And then constantly think- why why why why why did I do this? 

And also- in my bed I ate probably 10 brownies- 5 cookies- A half a jar of peanut butter and god knows what else.

Coincidentally, yesterday I saw Extract, the movie, and Jason Bateman's character insists that smoking gets him paranoid... but nobody believes him! And then he smokes- and - guess what- Its not fun.

But no, really, there WERE construction guys in the lobby working at 2 am.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gala Apple Love Story

I don't eat fruit much. But I ate this apple while walking home today from Chelsea Studios.
I accidentally ate the little tag, and when I removed it from my mouth I noticed that it said 'Gala'.

Gala... there was something from my past about a Gala apple...

This is what I remember now about.... the Gala. Once I was in the Lancaster County Farmer's Market when I was really young with my mother. And one girl working at the Nut Stand, which we were next to, turned to the other girl and said: "The [Boy] from the fruit stand sent over this Gala Apple for you." And the girl who got the gift of the Gala looked very pleased and embarrassed because it was basically a big show for me and my mother and others.

I think then boy came over and maybe brought another apple, or maybe she gave him back the apple. Maybe she liked him, maybe she didn't. Maybe it was obvious- but I really was only about 4 years old and I just can't remember the details. Except that it was the event of the day at the Farmer's Market. Potentially it was a Gilmore Girls type thing. Jess or Dean or whatever was making Lane bring an apple over to Rory to let her know that he likes her and remembered that she said Galas were her favorite the other week at the town square gazebo.

Galas are good- and maybe Nut Girl and Apple Boy are living happily in bliss somewhere- out on an Amish farm. Eating only turnip and lard stews in the wintertime.

Tonight is the equinox- at 9:18. I have never paid attention to stuff like that before- but it feels right to honor the autumnal equinox with a mini festival all of my own. I think I'm going to stare at the Stuy Town Fountain and wish for success.


I don't know what got me into Melbas these days But they are amazing. And those are actual size on the box.

Earlier today I ate this with almond butter and raspberry jelly. It was like an overtoasted, hard, mini peanut butter (but... almond butter) and jelly sandwich.

Now I am making a stir fry. But not an asian one.

Monday, September 21, 2009

asian food.

I need to go to bed. But. I am also trying to see what good food blogs there are by going to one and seeing who they follow. There are a lot that I am seeing that are asian-food-based.

I really don't like asian food.

Ok, Do I like soy sauce? Yes. Do I like sushi? Depends, sort of. Do I like .... fried rice (of my youth on a cold winter night)? Yes. Do I like... chinese pizza? Yes. Does that count? No.

But there is something so UNcomforting to me about chinese or japanese food. It's all or nothing- I feel like there is not middle ground. I feel like its either painfully superhealthy and uncooked- or wriggly pork bellies. There is no middle of the road comfort. It freaks me the freak out.

I am sure I could be swayed on the matter with the right guide. But for no. I would rather eat bread and moldy cheese.

Oh thats another thing. No cheese. There is no CHEESE in the asian food I have had.


Plus I am new to liking fish- and it is so fish-heavy (and no butter). AND they have so many freaking carrots. and ginger! And- RICE. Omg, rice is so stupid to me.

See. I am resistant. I am resistant to the asian (food) persuasion.

I know I may be being close minded. But I will choose most anything over asian food (unless its a california roll) (or edamame pods). And then please give me a real meal. With fat. That isn't pork jelly bellies. Or fish heads.

Mud and Hyphens

Playing catch-up and procrastinate-sleep

Beautiful Mug of Mud Coffee with foamy cream that I had them give me on the side but used all of anyway.

I sat outside for the first time. And the window plant made a canopy over my head. This was my view out.

I got a B.A.T. Standing for Bacon, avocado-asiago-arugula, and tomato (and mayonnaise) sandwich. Very rich - and very right-on. I use so many hyphens- it's pissing me off. Or Pissing-me-off. Hyphenland. Hyphen-land!

Omg I have to go to bed. - -

There was a lizard painted on their oh-so-hip but thankfully not hyphenated-wall.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Petite Abeille for the 1,000th time

The only reason I go to Petite Abeille all the time is because it is the closest restaurant to my apartment.

And so cute! Look up at that weird little fairy-bee.

Melanie and I had brunch and ordered RASPBERRY MIMOSAS. Or maybe RASPBERRY BELLINIS! Either way, they were raspberries and champagne. Who ever knows exactly what the Small Bee named them.

And yes, those are Melanie's boobs. Or, boob, rather-

We did a "split-split", which is what I like to call: splitting two meals. As opposed to two people splitting one meal... which would be just a "split".

The waffle was beautiful, but I loved the omelette more. Waffles are lame. Pancakes can be special with maple syrup. Real maple syrup. Its the fall now, people. 

Greenmarket/ facing my fears

So, I sort of faced my fears of buying vegetables today.

I stayed in bed for a long time and watched "How I Met Your Mother" while lying on my side, then when my neck started to hurt, I pseudo-tidied my room. And then I lipsynced to some dramatic tunes.

My friend Valerie who I haven't seen in a long long time was coming over to see my apartment "all set up" which is really isn't. EVEN with my pseudo tidying or whatever. But I wanted coffee and was going to be a hostess- so I set off to pick up some coffee to brew. But - I got to the store to buy some ground coffee...  then I caved to convenience, called Valerie, and asked her what she wanted at Starbucks.

Then we sat outside next to the farmers market and drank coffee and ate Starbucks sandwiches, and I complained about how I think I'll never learn how to shave my legs properly
But then beauty of these stalks spoke to me, and no I didn't buy them, but I photographed them. I did buy one weird summer squash, one mini red pepper, and two mini cauliflowers.

And here is the beauty of nature. here it is here it is!
I bought a pepper the size of a cherry, and ate it after my sandwich for my daily vegetable intake. Cute, no?

Woa my nail looks so shiny! Rare.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cafe Pick-Me-Up's Cup

"Have a nice day with coffee and tea time". 
How nice. 
Pre Yoga Jolt. 
How Zen of me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mustard, Chocolate, Bisexuality

Randoms! Randoms! So if anyone (Mary) noticed I have updated about 5 times in the past hour, and not at all in the past week- its because... I am a binge-er: This Blog Writing (all or nothing)- or these days: singing. I am a singing addict these days. And the more I realize that I am overusing my voice and it will be hoarse for too long- the more I can't stop. Help Help.

But - back on task. This rampant updating is for one of two things: to clear out my phone so I can take more pictures and continue updating. And also because I am exhausted and have nothing else I feel like doing.

And also my readers need me. hahahahahahhaahhahahaha.

Anyway- this following picture is completely old. I was making some silly sauce for my quinoa and broccoli casserole thingy. I am not going to lie- the meal was pretty horrible. I didn't have enough time to cook it down, and it was soupy- but---- Live and Learn. As they say~

BUT This mustard is SO SO SO cool. It is really just whole mustard seeds, nothing pureed, in vinegar and wine or something. Its special- and sometimes... I eat it with a spoon.

And THIS is... Green and Black's Organic Chocolate. I feel like I am Charlie from Willy Wonka and I won! And all my grandparents live and sleep in one big bed!

And if you can see- I was being all foody sensual and smearing it in between my fingers...

Well, it was melting, so I just went with it- and THEN smeared it. I'm normal. I swear!



This is Flea Market Cafe, which Alex, my friend who just spent the summer in Paris, says it is poser-french. I don't know myself- but the bartender was an idiot about wine- and I don't even know very much about wine. I ordered white Sauvignon Blanc, and he brought out red Cabernet Sauvignon.... come on!

But whatever, I forgive his ignorance in his own field. Because their metal milk saucers are amazing looking.

Above is the chocolate cake. Its good. Its molten. Whatever. Eat it. 

Alex was then complaining about a boy that she was seeing who was all of a sudden bi. And she was obviously distressed because she doesn't know how to read him in general. So I was empathizing and commiserating as I have had the same sad experience, and made this bit of artwork on a mini notepad

No one should take offense and get their underwear twisty or whatever the expression is, one of my favorite-est people is a bisexual.

But it is still particularly confusing.

Cafe Gitane has the cutest little notebooks. They are the size of a matchbook, and look like a matchbook- but open it up and its a mini notepad! It is perfect for doodling and commiserating when your friend tells you someone they are seeing is bi.

Pret A Manger has a sense of humo(u)r

See that? "Best when chilled (as indeed we all are)"
I loved it- and laughed out loud and made a miniature scene as I sat and ate by myself staring out into 17th street across from Union Square.
This is what they have to say about themselves on their website: (notice the charming way they speak... or write, rather)
Pret opened in London in 1986. College friends, Sinclair and Julian, made proper sandwiches using natural, preservative-free ingredients. The two of them had woefully little experience in the world of business. They created the sort of food they craved but couldn’t find anywhere else. Pret grew and grew. And grew.

I'm just going to say that my computer sucks. Or my internet sucks. Either or. And they are both "new". Humph.

More Kitchen Pictures

I am taking things off my phone. These are from when I was home. Deirdre's stove.
Deirdre's Mudroom
Ok- onward and upward.
Sidenote- I am going to say something unrelated to food: Regina Spektor = brilliant. And my new favorite song is, Time is All Around. Look it up.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pret A Manger

They put my lunch on a silver try for me. Because apparently they give royal treatment.

Today was stressful. Tomorrow is stressful. I am trying to breathe, let go and not let it be stressful- and by Joe, I will be successful.

But until I am not stressed - I'm stressed.

Monday, September 7, 2009


This is baby octopus from Momofuku SSAM the same night of the goat/beet dessert. It was surprisingly delicious. Rubbery, i won't lie. But delicious. Rubberydelicious.

I have officially and willingly eaten tentacles. YUM

Westville East - Alone.

Tonight I went to an Irish play, Trad, from Philadelphia that is playing a few nights this month in New York.
Not the point. Of course! I am apparently supposed to be writing about Bleu Cheese and bacon.

I was walking home from MacDougal Street and called my friend who I was supposed to meet . She was in Brooklyn filming a movie and wrote me back something that made no sense about... "Hyphy". I have no idea what she was talking about. So I began wandering aimlessly toward my apartment.

Eventually I came across Westville East on 11th and A. I have been there many times but never by myself. But it is the kind of place where you feel you could go by yourself, and sit at a 2 person table (as, one.... obviously) or at the bar. So, what the hell.

I sat at the "bar". I got a cobb salad. 

So, 1st, I also got a glass of rose.

And 2nd, The israeli bartender/barista couldn't stop talking about how amazing his espresso was. And he highly recommended that I got a one. And I told him that if I did I would never sleep. I Would NEVer sleep.

So, assuming he was just trying to make a sale, I asked him candidly: if he had a cappuccino now, would he ever fall asleep- he said he would. My point was not completely understood.

So, I let him make me a DECAF cappuccino- it was OK. Sorry to say, Dolev.

But here was Dolev's cappuccino art. Looks like a shrub, or maybe ferns.

This is what I was reading on the back of my play program. Apparently this show was produced without any use of shamrocks, green beer, or blarney stones. 

The Westville East has a sign that very clearly told me to fall in love. I don't know if it was a restaurant-rule, but I didn't follow it.

Dolev, the barista and espresso enthusiast.

How boring is this.

A busride to the Upper East Side

Last week Alex and I (we had a lot of "outings") decided to go to Central Park. She convinced me to take the bus (which I have NEVER done before in NYC)- as it was a nice view. And... it was. We made friends with a little old, angry, italian interior designer too. I believe his quote was "they are...... PLASTEEK. Young peeeple arrre PLASTeek" He wasn't referring to us (hopefully) but a young contractor that was pissing him off because of his "less-than-italian" work ethic. Or something equally confusing.

Look at this black cherry TART

It's labor day! I want to go to Central Park again!

Cha cha cha!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Deirdre's Kitchen

Deirdre, my mother, has a beautiful kitchen. And not only that, but she designed the whole thing. She is pretty brilliant. And pretty insane. But in this post, we will focus on the brilliant. This is a shot straight at the main wall of the kitchen. Yes, that is a stone wall.

Deirdre in her kitchen

the other side of that room

I have none of her decorating talents.


Looks heinous. Its totally impossible to see.

 Its nachos from 7A. This was later that night- after Butter Lane- after drinks at the Bourgeois Pig. I think... or maybe not. Its all blending together. Who knows anymore!?