Monday, September 21, 2009

asian food.

I need to go to bed. But. I am also trying to see what good food blogs there are by going to one and seeing who they follow. There are a lot that I am seeing that are asian-food-based.

I really don't like asian food.

Ok, Do I like soy sauce? Yes. Do I like sushi? Depends, sort of. Do I like .... fried rice (of my youth on a cold winter night)? Yes. Do I like... chinese pizza? Yes. Does that count? No.

But there is something so UNcomforting to me about chinese or japanese food. It's all or nothing- I feel like there is not middle ground. I feel like its either painfully superhealthy and uncooked- or wriggly pork bellies. There is no middle of the road comfort. It freaks me the freak out.

I am sure I could be swayed on the matter with the right guide. But for no. I would rather eat bread and moldy cheese.

Oh thats another thing. No cheese. There is no CHEESE in the asian food I have had.


Plus I am new to liking fish- and it is so fish-heavy (and no butter). AND they have so many freaking carrots. and ginger! And- RICE. Omg, rice is so stupid to me.

See. I am resistant. I am resistant to the asian (food) persuasion.

I know I may be being close minded. But I will choose most anything over asian food (unless its a california roll) (or edamame pods). And then please give me a real meal. With fat. That isn't pork jelly bellies. Or fish heads.