Sunday, September 20, 2009

Greenmarket/ facing my fears

So, I sort of faced my fears of buying vegetables today.

I stayed in bed for a long time and watched "How I Met Your Mother" while lying on my side, then when my neck started to hurt, I pseudo-tidied my room. And then I lipsynced to some dramatic tunes.

My friend Valerie who I haven't seen in a long long time was coming over to see my apartment "all set up" which is really isn't. EVEN with my pseudo tidying or whatever. But I wanted coffee and was going to be a hostess- so I set off to pick up some coffee to brew. But - I got to the store to buy some ground coffee...  then I caved to convenience, called Valerie, and asked her what she wanted at Starbucks.

Then we sat outside next to the farmers market and drank coffee and ate Starbucks sandwiches, and I complained about how I think I'll never learn how to shave my legs properly
But then beauty of these stalks spoke to me, and no I didn't buy them, but I photographed them. I did buy one weird summer squash, one mini red pepper, and two mini cauliflowers.

And here is the beauty of nature. here it is here it is!
I bought a pepper the size of a cherry, and ate it after my sandwich for my daily vegetable intake. Cute, no?

Woa my nail looks so shiny! Rare.