Monday, September 21, 2009

Mud and Hyphens

Playing catch-up and procrastinate-sleep

Beautiful Mug of Mud Coffee with foamy cream that I had them give me on the side but used all of anyway.

I sat outside for the first time. And the window plant made a canopy over my head. This was my view out.

I got a B.A.T. Standing for Bacon, avocado-asiago-arugula, and tomato (and mayonnaise) sandwich. Very rich - and very right-on. I use so many hyphens- it's pissing me off. Or Pissing-me-off. Hyphenland. Hyphen-land!

Omg I have to go to bed. - -

There was a lizard painted on their oh-so-hip but thankfully not hyphenated-wall.