Sunday, September 27, 2009

Delivery is a Hassle

Name - almost as cool as Peace of Pizza. BUT more importantly....

Today I did not leave my house until 9:30 pm, and even then it was to go rent more dvds. I was a load. And I have decided to not feel guilty- because otherwise the relaxation was a waste. But... you and I both know I still feel stupid.

I have also a fear of ordering-in food. I feel bad for the delivery guy and think they are going to get lost or not have change- or I won't have cash. Its irrational, I know.

Today is the first day I have ordered in for myself. Except I didn't even do it, Jacob did. He came over. We wanted to loaf but I also needed his anthology of plays for a certain play I have to read by Tuesday.

Needless to say- Pete's-a-Place was cheap - which was it's selling point. But not very good.

Half and half pizzas.... ah the days when my brother and I couldn't agree on what to get...