Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gala Apple Love Story

I don't eat fruit much. But I ate this apple while walking home today from Chelsea Studios.
I accidentally ate the little tag, and when I removed it from my mouth I noticed that it said 'Gala'.

Gala... there was something from my past about a Gala apple...

This is what I remember now about.... the Gala. Once I was in the Lancaster County Farmer's Market when I was really young with my mother. And one girl working at the Nut Stand, which we were next to, turned to the other girl and said: "The [Boy] from the fruit stand sent over this Gala Apple for you." And the girl who got the gift of the Gala looked very pleased and embarrassed because it was basically a big show for me and my mother and others.

I think then boy came over and maybe brought another apple, or maybe she gave him back the apple. Maybe she liked him, maybe she didn't. Maybe it was obvious- but I really was only about 4 years old and I just can't remember the details. Except that it was the event of the day at the Farmer's Market. Potentially it was a Gilmore Girls type thing. Jess or Dean or whatever was making Lane bring an apple over to Rory to let her know that he likes her and remembered that she said Galas were her favorite the other week at the town square gazebo.

Galas are good- and maybe Nut Girl and Apple Boy are living happily in bliss somewhere- out on an Amish farm. Eating only turnip and lard stews in the wintertime.

Tonight is the equinox- at 9:18. I have never paid attention to stuff like that before- but it feels right to honor the autumnal equinox with a mini festival all of my own. I think I'm going to stare at the Stuy Town Fountain and wish for success.