Sunday, September 20, 2009

Petite Abeille for the 1,000th time

The only reason I go to Petite Abeille all the time is because it is the closest restaurant to my apartment.

And so cute! Look up at that weird little fairy-bee.

Melanie and I had brunch and ordered RASPBERRY MIMOSAS. Or maybe RASPBERRY BELLINIS! Either way, they were raspberries and champagne. Who ever knows exactly what the Small Bee named them.

And yes, those are Melanie's boobs. Or, boob, rather-

We did a "split-split", which is what I like to call: splitting two meals. As opposed to two people splitting one meal... which would be just a "split".

The waffle was beautiful, but I loved the omelette more. Waffles are lame. Pancakes can be special with maple syrup. Real maple syrup. Its the fall now, people.