Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mustard, Chocolate, Bisexuality

Randoms! Randoms! So if anyone (Mary) noticed I have updated about 5 times in the past hour, and not at all in the past week- its because... I am a binge-er: This Blog Writing (all or nothing)- or these days: singing. I am a singing addict these days. And the more I realize that I am overusing my voice and it will be hoarse for too long- the more I can't stop. Help Help.

But - back on task. This rampant updating is for one of two things: to clear out my phone so I can take more pictures and continue updating. And also because I am exhausted and have nothing else I feel like doing.

And also my readers need me. hahahahahahhaahhahahaha.

Anyway- this following picture is completely old. I was making some silly sauce for my quinoa and broccoli casserole thingy. I am not going to lie- the meal was pretty horrible. I didn't have enough time to cook it down, and it was soupy- but---- Live and Learn. As they say~

BUT This mustard is SO SO SO cool. It is really just whole mustard seeds, nothing pureed, in vinegar and wine or something. Its special- and sometimes... I eat it with a spoon.

And THIS is... Green and Black's Organic Chocolate. I feel like I am Charlie from Willy Wonka and I won! And all my grandparents live and sleep in one big bed!

And if you can see- I was being all foody sensual and smearing it in between my fingers...

Well, it was melting, so I just went with it- and THEN smeared it. I'm normal. I swear!



This is Flea Market Cafe, which Alex, my friend who just spent the summer in Paris, says it is poser-french. I don't know myself- but the bartender was an idiot about wine- and I don't even know very much about wine. I ordered white Sauvignon Blanc, and he brought out red Cabernet Sauvignon.... come on!

But whatever, I forgive his ignorance in his own field. Because their metal milk saucers are amazing looking.

Above is the chocolate cake. Its good. Its molten. Whatever. Eat it. 

Alex was then complaining about a boy that she was seeing who was all of a sudden bi. And she was obviously distressed because she doesn't know how to read him in general. So I was empathizing and commiserating as I have had the same sad experience, and made this bit of artwork on a mini notepad

No one should take offense and get their underwear twisty or whatever the expression is, one of my favorite-est people is a bisexual.

But it is still particularly confusing.

Cafe Gitane has the cutest little notebooks. They are the size of a matchbook, and look like a matchbook- but open it up and its a mini notepad! It is perfect for doodling and commiserating when your friend tells you someone they are seeing is bi.