Monday, September 7, 2009

Westville East - Alone.

Tonight I went to an Irish play, Trad, from Philadelphia that is playing a few nights this month in New York.
Not the point. Of course! I am apparently supposed to be writing about Bleu Cheese and bacon.

I was walking home from MacDougal Street and called my friend who I was supposed to meet . She was in Brooklyn filming a movie and wrote me back something that made no sense about... "Hyphy". I have no idea what she was talking about. So I began wandering aimlessly toward my apartment.

Eventually I came across Westville East on 11th and A. I have been there many times but never by myself. But it is the kind of place where you feel you could go by yourself, and sit at a 2 person table (as, one.... obviously) or at the bar. So, what the hell.

I sat at the "bar". I got a cobb salad. 

So, 1st, I also got a glass of rose.

And 2nd, The israeli bartender/barista couldn't stop talking about how amazing his espresso was. And he highly recommended that I got a one. And I told him that if I did I would never sleep. I Would NEVer sleep.

So, assuming he was just trying to make a sale, I asked him candidly: if he had a cappuccino now, would he ever fall asleep- he said he would. My point was not completely understood.

So, I let him make me a DECAF cappuccino- it was OK. Sorry to say, Dolev.

But here was Dolev's cappuccino art. Looks like a shrub, or maybe ferns.

This is what I was reading on the back of my play program. Apparently this show was produced without any use of shamrocks, green beer, or blarney stones. 

The Westville East has a sign that very clearly told me to fall in love. I don't know if it was a restaurant-rule, but I didn't follow it.

Dolev, the barista and espresso enthusiast.

How boring is this.