Saturday, October 17, 2009

Orlin Pumpkin Pancakes

Dear Annie is visiting the city. This morning/afternoon, Melanie and Annie and I went to Orlin for some festive october pumpkin pancakes. But they were sold out! WHAT!? Orlin IS very popular at brunch so.... we accepted it and moved on.

My head was pounding and we were sitting outside in 45 degree weather so we just ordered our omelettes.

Melanie and Annie

Annie and I... nice clipped back bangs

Mushroom omelette. la la

I am maybe insane about these pancakes... so when the manager came around and asked how our meal was.... no idea why (our waitress hated us for no reason)- I asked the lady "Soooooooo If I came tomoorrrooowww, would you have pumpkin pancakes back yet?" She said: "I have then now again!"

So we ordered some.... but thinking about this I JUST realized they never gave us the maple syrup... which is depressing. Or maybe I had to ask for it in the past.... I totally forget.


I Don't Want A Hummus Sandwich

I was home for one day in PA- went to an audition. And on that one day my mother had to get hors d'oeuvres for a dinner party she was attending at the Strafford Farmer's Market. 

In any event~ I had gone 7 hours without eating between breakfast and lunch- and I was starving and at the mercy of my mother and her schedule and her driving.

We wanted to go out to lunch but we didn't have enough time- so we went to "Cream and Sugar Cafe" in wayne because its fast/no table service, and before we went in I begrudgingly said: "Ugh, I'll go as long as you promise me that they have more than just Hummus Sandwiches. I am STARVING".

Well, what do you know- but when they brought out what was supposed to be my roast beef, provolone, horseradish dill mayonnaise sandwich on a panini- they brought me the same thing as my mother on a pita: a hummus sandwich. 

My Low-Blood-Sugar Body actually started - kiiind of- crying.

I went up to the counter... they made me a roast beef sandwich and all was well in the world. But my mom further believes I am crazy. And obsessed with food. 

I'll take it. I will ADMIT to being crazy as long as you promise me that I don't have to have a hummus sandwich when I don't want a hummus sandwich!!!!  (and, hummus is great.... but its a dip to be liberally scooped onto crunchy things and enjoyed as a beautiful snack.... not a sandwich and not when I'm malnourished)

So, then my mom had to get orderves (americanization, ya? ya?) at this farmer's market, and I knew her brain would freeze over, and we'd be there for hours trying to make the perfect selection. 

I said, "mom, can we make this a 10-20 minute thing? I'll help you".

She said: "You have to promise me that you'll put as much passion into helping me find orderves as you put into your stupid roast beef sandwich"


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Five Corners Cafe, Old Forge, NY.

The best thing about the Old Forge in the Adirondacks, was the trees, the mountains, the views, the hiking, the campfire, the smell. All the outdoors stuff. And as you can see from before- I had resigned myself to a weekend of Burger King, diner food and kit-kat bars.

But the morning after our stay in the cabin we were going to go to an old pancake house- but the wait was probably about two hours. So we went here. I wish I had a better shot of the whole building because it was beautiful. Wooden and rustic looking, but kind of hip also. As we walked in Matt and I said: look at us going to the only place that has a New York-y logo. Its true...

Look at those CLOUDS reflected in the door!

The entire place was wood panelled on the bottom and you don't really get that here in this photo.
This family had already gotten their food, and we saw the homemade bread. Though the picture is blurry.

The coffee was weak- but if I lived up there I am assuming I would get better sleep and not need it.

I ordered the French Toast for one reason alone- Real Maple Syrup, for a dollar more. Any place that offers real maple syrup I automatically trust and love.

Oh! And I asked for the bacon to be well done. It was PERFECT. Perfectly crispy and not at all burnt. How did this place do it? I am not kidding that I was in unexpected ecstasy on this FREEZING-Everwood-morning after the one of the most fun days of my life. I didn't expect gourmet. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Real blackberries.

Matt and his normal bacon. Other than that we got the same thing.

33 Degrees at night in the adirondacks and a lake appeared next morning

Glowy and Home-y. It was truly freezing outside in October and there was no easing into it.

Matt's face peaking down... at the Yeungling

The next morning I realized that we were right next to a lake. I had had no idea when it was dark.
Last night we had s'mores on a campfire that they made and I never want to leave.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

B Ville Diner.

After dancing to a Bee Gees cover band at Balwinsville Oktoberfest- Matt, his sister Anna, her boyfriend Andres and I went for diner food- at this festive --- DINER. It was authentic fifties- leftover from long ago.

Oktoberfest in Baldwinsville, NY

Matt's home. Local NY wine. Homegrown veggies.

It is funny to be so loved by a family who thinks I am Matt's secret girlfriend, when really I am just a young budding fag hag. The extended family keeps patting my face and asking how Matt and I met, no matter how many times we say: 
"Noo, really we are just friends". 
"Sureee" they say.

I also made a pot of coffee for me, and I guess for the party, and I made it extra strong because.... I just did and also I had no idea what I was doing. And all night everyone at the party kept on coming up to me and tried to bond by saying " My GOD! Did you taste this coffee? Who made this!? It is awful!". And I just smiled and laughed.

Finally, when Matt's grandmother, who was so excited that Matt's pretend girlfriend was Irish, was the 20th person who said "Ugh, terribly strong coffee! It will make you grow chest hair!" And I snapped and said "JUST PUT CREAM IN IT!!!!!!". Then I laughed because it was a joke and I didn't make the coffee!!!

Then Matt's dad revealed to someone that I was the culprit and I ran out of the room as Matt's mom shushed his dad.

I will now have to learn how to make appropriately proportioned coffee.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


notice the miniscule bowl.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cafe Orlin burger

I went to Cafe Orlin yesterday after class and yoga ( yoga AGAIN!? What a world what a world. This is the kind of world that doesn't last). I was sitting outside waiting for Alex to come meet me- (even though I ordered right away). And these strapping men came round with bound plants and small yellow papayas. I have no idea what they were doing, but I am sure somebody does.

They were either kindly talking to, or harrassingly smiling at, a table by the railing.

They don't have coffee at cafe orlin. Only americanos. I think it has something to do with: they can't give free refills on americanos.

I love Cafe Orlin, 41 St Marks Pl New York, NY 10003. I love it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Solo Brunch @ Mud featuring unexpected mimosas

I went to yoga yesterday in an unusual fit of productivity and responsibility. Afterwards I made a quick decision to eat at Mud all alone. It's loud in there and I figured the perfect way to experience it really was to sit there in silence.

Then I got bored and started writing on napkins. Like JK Rowling.

However- I never realized that this brunch came with alcohol at the fixed price. The waitress rattled off a list of beverages- all of them sounded alcoholic to me except the first one MIGHT have been plain orange juice I now realize. But at the time I thought I was being FORCED to drink by myself.

Here they are below. My coffee, my mimosa, my cream that I already poured into the coffee.

My omelette. Of goat cheese and mushrooms.

I hate carrots so... in the cream jar they go

Brunch for one
can be such fun
“If you never did you should.
These things are fun
and fun is good”

What is my problem

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pete's Tavern

2 glasses of red wine did me in more than I would have thought. But Melanie called me after a show she was ended and we met up by Washington Square to walk back to Stuy town where we both live. Where I moved - just to stalk her. No. yes. no.

But. Oh, whoops- we decided to stop into Pete's tavern for a nice olde-fashioned drink and maybe food. Apparently I don't even need peer pressure.

This was part of our booth.

Cheers! I got Brooklyn Oktoberfest. Yesss.
We ordered the cold antipasti- yet- we ate a lot before i remembered to take a pic. You see that bit out of the mozzarella?
I made an inverted italian hoagie! A childhood favorite. Wa Wa italian hoagie. YES I am from Philadephia- and YES I should do a post on Wa Wa.

Petit champignon! 

Peer Pressure

I was going to go home after my voice lesson last night. Happily and dramatically freezing. I would like to get into sweat clothes and sit down and watch The Office and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

But Ohhhh no. My friends wanted to hang outtt- and though I really wanted to be home and on my couch having a meaningful relationship with the television- I was coerced into being social.

Now. In truth, the bigger reason being social is an actual issue, is because I am trying to not drink too much or too often because (anymore) (and, unsuccessfully) because it wreaks havoc on my voice (dries you out. makes you yell. gives you issues)

But- of course I forgot all about that last night-

In full cold-outside spirit, I ordered a glass of red wine. And another. But - you know- it really messes up your mouth. Really just messes up your mouth. Everyone is lucky I don't have a picture of my glowing purple teeth.