Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Don't Want A Hummus Sandwich

I was home for one day in PA- went to an audition. And on that one day my mother had to get hors d'oeuvres for a dinner party she was attending at the Strafford Farmer's Market. 

In any event~ I had gone 7 hours without eating between breakfast and lunch- and I was starving and at the mercy of my mother and her schedule and her driving.

We wanted to go out to lunch but we didn't have enough time- so we went to "Cream and Sugar Cafe" in wayne because its fast/no table service, and before we went in I begrudgingly said: "Ugh, I'll go as long as you promise me that they have more than just Hummus Sandwiches. I am STARVING".

Well, what do you know- but when they brought out what was supposed to be my roast beef, provolone, horseradish dill mayonnaise sandwich on a panini- they brought me the same thing as my mother on a pita: a hummus sandwich. 

My Low-Blood-Sugar Body actually started - kiiind of- crying.

I went up to the counter... they made me a roast beef sandwich and all was well in the world. But my mom further believes I am crazy. And obsessed with food. 

I'll take it. I will ADMIT to being crazy as long as you promise me that I don't have to have a hummus sandwich when I don't want a hummus sandwich!!!!  (and, hummus is great.... but its a dip to be liberally scooped onto crunchy things and enjoyed as a beautiful snack.... not a sandwich and not when I'm malnourished)

So, then my mom had to get orderves (americanization, ya? ya?) at this farmer's market, and I knew her brain would freeze over, and we'd be there for hours trying to make the perfect selection. 

I said, "mom, can we make this a 10-20 minute thing? I'll help you".

She said: "You have to promise me that you'll put as much passion into helping me find orderves as you put into your stupid roast beef sandwich"