Friday, October 2, 2009

Pete's Tavern

2 glasses of red wine did me in more than I would have thought. But Melanie called me after a show she was ended and we met up by Washington Square to walk back to Stuy town where we both live. Where I moved - just to stalk her. No. yes. no.

But. Oh, whoops- we decided to stop into Pete's tavern for a nice olde-fashioned drink and maybe food. Apparently I don't even need peer pressure.

This was part of our booth.

Cheers! I got Brooklyn Oktoberfest. Yesss.
We ordered the cold antipasti- yet- we ate a lot before i remembered to take a pic. You see that bit out of the mozzarella?
I made an inverted italian hoagie! A childhood favorite. Wa Wa italian hoagie. YES I am from Philadephia- and YES I should do a post on Wa Wa.

Petit champignon!