Friday, October 2, 2009

Peer Pressure

I was going to go home after my voice lesson last night. Happily and dramatically freezing. I would like to get into sweat clothes and sit down and watch The Office and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

But Ohhhh no. My friends wanted to hang outtt- and though I really wanted to be home and on my couch having a meaningful relationship with the television- I was coerced into being social.

Now. In truth, the bigger reason being social is an actual issue, is because I am trying to not drink too much or too often because (anymore) (and, unsuccessfully) because it wreaks havoc on my voice (dries you out. makes you yell. gives you issues)

But- of course I forgot all about that last night-

In full cold-outside spirit, I ordered a glass of red wine. And another. But - you know- it really messes up your mouth. Really just messes up your mouth. Everyone is lucky I don't have a picture of my glowing purple teeth.