Saturday, October 10, 2009

Matt's home. Local NY wine. Homegrown veggies.

It is funny to be so loved by a family who thinks I am Matt's secret girlfriend, when really I am just a young budding fag hag. The extended family keeps patting my face and asking how Matt and I met, no matter how many times we say: 
"Noo, really we are just friends". 
"Sureee" they say.

I also made a pot of coffee for me, and I guess for the party, and I made it extra strong because.... I just did and also I had no idea what I was doing. And all night everyone at the party kept on coming up to me and tried to bond by saying " My GOD! Did you taste this coffee? Who made this!? It is awful!". And I just smiled and laughed.

Finally, when Matt's grandmother, who was so excited that Matt's pretend girlfriend was Irish, was the 20th person who said "Ugh, terribly strong coffee! It will make you grow chest hair!" And I snapped and said "JUST PUT CREAM IN IT!!!!!!". Then I laughed because it was a joke and I didn't make the coffee!!!

Then Matt's dad revealed to someone that I was the culprit and I ran out of the room as Matt's mom shushed his dad.

I will now have to learn how to make appropriately proportioned coffee.