Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friend of a Farmer

What the F*** are we celebrating, thought Harry.
Life, replied the universe, you are celebrating Life.

Trip to Brooklyn: Pizza Plus & W.C. Theory

The other night my friends and I had to write an essay for a class we don't pay attention in.

My friend Erin Rice, born and raised in Brooklyn, coerced me and Matt to travel to Brooklyn where she had to waitress at "Pizza Plus" so we all could "study". Of course we didn't.

But I was expecting pizza plus to be a dive for some reason, from the name, but it turns out its totally adorable and family friendly ... with a nice backyard garden.

Erin setting up our table after we moved. We were high-maintenance.

Erin is obsessed with the bread. The secret is that its made out of the pizza dough. They were REALLY heavy rolls.Matt: "I had to use two hands just to pick one up"
broccoli pizza!

W.C. Theory

Recently I have begun a mini obsession with taking pictures of how nice/not nice the bathrooms are. And ... I'll tell you why.

I think that the attention paid to the bathroom (decor cleanliness) says a lot about a place.

Also, I hate washing my hands. It annoys me unless they obviously got dirty. It takes my precious time. I just believe that EVERYTHING is dirty anyway. You can't be sure that every single thing you touch isn't contaminated with something. So ... whatever.
Iffffffff I begin chronicling the bathrooms and how cool their soaps are... then I'll have to wash my hands. And it'll be less lame and boring.

Carrot cake. They get it delivered from the Bronx. Must be the real deal.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

City bakery on a saturday morning

Somehow not looking nearly as crowded as it was...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cheese and slow food

I am lying in my bed- reading book reviews on amazon and restaurant reviews on seriouseats. Food reviews inspired me to finish the rest of a block of cheese and get back in bed. Then I figured why the hell not update about my cheese eating- since it is so interesting and informative. So I lugged myself out of bed again- got this wrapper out of the top of the trash -and photographed it. For you.

It has those little white speck things inside that are actually crunchy- which normally happens to my cheese when I don't seal it well enough in the refrigerator. It will get dry and grow little hard light specks throughout... probably a new mold.
But its good- pungent for a cheddar. Thenagain, What do I know ?

However- on my walk from the kitchen back to my bed I thought that I may have to become a cheese-maker one day. And wear one of those white hats (...that I feel like they wear). And call myself a Fromageuseuresse.

However, what I was going to post about before all this cheese business was: Slow Foods NYC

I mean.... my username is Non-Quick Oatmeal.... We were made for each other. I think there is a similar concept behind our names.

I may just have to check out their. And also become a cheese-maker. I wonder how anyone becomes a cheese-maker? It is my new plan.

I am writing that goal down in the planner that I don't own. DONE.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serious Pumpkin Pie

Grey Dogggggggg

My First Coffee in Years (days)

Amazing Mud Coffee on 9th St with frothy cream after a two day yoga retreat-master-cleanse-fast


Wednesday, November 4, 2009