Tuesday, November 10, 2009

cheese and slow food

I am lying in my bed- reading book reviews on amazon and restaurant reviews on seriouseats. Food reviews inspired me to finish the rest of a block of cheese and get back in bed. Then I figured why the hell not update about my cheese eating- since it is so interesting and informative. So I lugged myself out of bed again- got this wrapper out of the top of the trash -and photographed it. For you.

It has those little white speck things inside that are actually crunchy- which normally happens to my cheese when I don't seal it well enough in the refrigerator. It will get dry and grow little hard light specks throughout... probably a new mold.
But its good- pungent for a cheddar. Thenagain, What do I know ?

However- on my walk from the kitchen back to my bed I thought that I may have to become a cheese-maker one day. And wear one of those white hats (...that I feel like they wear). And call myself a Fromageuseuresse.

However, what I was going to post about before all this cheese business was: Slow Foods NYC

I mean.... my username is Non-Quick Oatmeal.... We were made for each other. I think there is a similar concept behind our names.

I may just have to check out their. And also become a cheese-maker. I wonder how anyone becomes a cheese-maker? It is my new plan.

I am writing that goal down in the planner that I don't own. DONE.