Friday, April 30, 2010

Throw it AWAY and Broken Beds

Its moving time!

I am so incredibly overwhelmed right now trying to figure out what to leave for my subletters, what to pack to take WITH me, what to pack to leave here in the closet to move when I come back in August, because I will have to move to a new apartment right after I return. What a to-do.

My mother is here and is valiantly trying to put back together my fake-bed*****. I hope it fails because I would like a real bed.

But at the same time I am trying to pack- and am trying to throw a lot of things out.

I have too much stuff. I have too many clothes. I have too many safety pins.

But in the end, I am having fun throwing things away. Extravagantly.

I like to put my "Attack Chicken" sign in the kitchen. Not throwing that away.

*****(My fake bed, is a mattress set on top of two VERY WOBBLY long, low ikea shelving units that, put together, are the EXACT size of a mattress. There are two that go lengthwise- so as I lie in bed there is essentially a crack running along my spine underneath the mattress. My "handy" mother and I bought them because we wanted to also get a bookcase to fit next to my "bed", in my mini room at my old apartment. If I bought a real bed-frame, it would have been one inch too long- and therefore block my pigmy closet entrance too much. So- I have no real bed.

To add insult to injury, when I had friends over watching "Twilight" in my bed a few months ago (yea, that by itself...), we heard a large CRACK below us, and it was one of the two shelving units BREAKING. To make matters more treacherous, in January I got a nice, thick wool rug... but it doesn't reach ALL the way under BOTH of my vertical shelving bed units, only under one of them, so one of the shelving units (the one that is not broken) that is on the rug is sitting a good 3/4 inch above the broken one that is also lower by another 1/2 inch because... it is broken. So... my mattress is sitting on two shelves that are completely different heights. No wonder I have trouble falling to sleep.

I wish this was a lie.