Friday, July 9, 2010

Chocolate Tasting in the Attic

I have been visiting Annie in Upstate New York, and it doesn't make any sense why I stayed up an extra day instead of returning back to my parent's house. She had a 2 show day today which means she was out all day while I hung out in her oven-of-an-attic-apartment, except for when I met her and the cast at "Bob's Barbeque".

But here I am in another 4 hour chunk of alone time, with 2 hours to go. Interestingly... I want to live alone anyway. So this is just good, joyful practice. I however am NOT in my own apartment or home, so boredom has been creeping in. Solution? Chocolate Tasting.

This is what I did with all the chocolate I could find in their kitchen and my bag.

Endangered Species Chocolate, 72% with espresso beans
Ghirardelli, 60 %
Dagoba Organic, 87%

Endangered Species won hands down. It had an unfair twist with the espresso beans.