Monday, July 19, 2010

Frozen Organic Peaches

The other day when it was 95 degrees, my brother and sister were sitting by the pool while I selfishly hoarded the raft and floated around.

My littler sister was eating frozen peaches and would hand some to me whenever I paddled myself awkwardly near her. I was so enthralled by how the bright orange/red peach slices matched her hair, that I made her run up to my bedroom to get my camera.

I know I sound like a slave-driver, and I am, but to be fair she wanted to have a photo shoot of her cute little self just as much as I wanted to lie in the pool and snap amateur shots of peaches.

Look at that pose.

That is our old dog. My mom made us give her away 9 years ago to my cousins because she doesn't like dogs- traumatic story for another day.

But! We are currently watching her for a month while my cousins are away. Slightly twisted, right? Poor dog.

Peaches! Too bad this butterfly bowl is practically the same color. What terrible Food Styling. I wanted to change it to create a skilled photograph, but I'm lazy and it was too hot. 

ahhhhh....... mmmmmmmmm


How nice.

Its not a perfect world though. Things did go wrong- especially for my servant-sibling. She was sprayed by the Polaris pool cleaner, Bostweik***  while she was eating peaches. (Tried to save them from chlorine seasoning) 


Then of course, Millie the dog decided to act like a puppy, even though she is an old old woman, and do something that was grounds, 9 years ago, for being given away.

She just decided to forge into the tall flowers, awkwardly, and sit down. She also started ripping up those daisies with her little old white face.

A nice, hellishly hot, summer day.

***(spelling debatable among the three of us all) The polaris we named after Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, when he was taken home from the supermarket accidentally by a rich family with a Parrot, and renamed Bost....??,  and given new fancy baby sized suits and bowties. Anyone remember that episode?)