Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thanks to the secret wino nature of my father, he always has wine around when I am home and my mom is out.

I am procrastinating by "organizing my packing lists on the computer".

And for some unnecessary shots of this bottle and glass on my mother's windowsill ( anything very specific to her design I call 'her's'. For example, I call this house my mother's house, just because her design is so prevalent everywhere you look).

I don't know anything about red wines. And I always promise myself I will remember the ones I like - but I never, ever do. This is Pinot Noir, Acacia, 2007. And, holy-alcohol-content! It has 14.4% (which, is good to know in general).

Tomrrow I leave for Provence, if I ever pack, and I could not be more excited. I... am so excited.

So, I hope I can log it away in my brain: I like Pinot Noir. But I know I will forget.