Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee in Cereal?

This is my 87 year old grandfather. Grambo. He is a little kid at heart. I mean... he insisted on us calling him 'Grambo' for lord's sake (as in Rambo).

I didn't even know that wasn't a normal grandfather name till I was...10? ...12?

Anyway, my mother texted me the other day that Grandmom told her that Grambo has, "this last month, been pouring coffee in his cereal.... on purpose".

I laughed just trying to imagine whyyy he is doing that? I mean he is slightly losing it these days. But I can't tell whether its his little kid-ness. Whether he always wanted to do it, and now or never? Or whether, as my mother suggested, he wants to save money on milk, because he often forgets we are not in the Great depression anymore.

(I don't know why I imagine it as lucky charms, but I do)