Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fromage Chevre- The Most Exciting Part of My Whole Trip

I am not even kidding when I say that this cheese stand was the most exciting part of my whole France trip.

His name was Andre and he had amazing goat cheese. And he was living my life dream. (And also.)

We asked him the difference between all the ages and varieties, doing research on my future career.

Frais (Fresh): the cheese was made that morning. Milk 5 days old. Fluffy and creamy
Mi-Frais ("mid"-fresh) : 1 week old. Almost the same consistency
Cremieux (creamy): 2 weeks old.
Mi-Sec ("mid"-dry) : 1 month old. Small and hard and covered in some black/green
Sec (dry) : 2 months old. Smaller, harder and covered in more black/green

The more aged the cheese gets, the more tangy it gets. The moisture leaves it as it cultures and an edible "rind" forms. The outside is the driest and the middle remains more cheesy. Fresh was like a goat-ricotta consistency and taste. Sec was like an semi-hard cheese.

The four of us only had one day off of biking smack in the middle of the week. Our day off was in Aix en Provence, however it was on a Sunday when every store is closed. Even the lunch places. Thankfully there was a wine tasting festival going on outdoors with a few vendors of food or we would have starved. We got a baguette at a Boulangerie before it closed at 12 pm for Sunday, and bought some cheese.

I got the Sec cheese.

I will dream about this cheese forever.