Sunday, September 26, 2010

Joe's Coffee

Jittery Jittery Jittery.

I had a small coffee 2 hours ago for the first time in 3 + weeks because of my Mono. I am not better and probably shouldn't have - but I gave in.

coffee in the park

I slept a lot last night, woke up feeling refreshed and thought: Oh! Maybe I am better! I should get coffee!

I got coffee on the only morning when I did not need it at all. Of course.

Stolen Pic of the Great Menu

And now I feel like I'm on some serious drugs. I should have probably had HALF of the small. Or I should have started out with decaf.

This is a feeling I had forgotten existed. Its the reason I used to say: Oh no, coffee is not for me. It makes me feel horrible.

HA! That was before I wasn't desensitized. Maybe I can use this as a good reason to have a more balanced coffee relationship.

Yea right.

But I must say, the coffee was delicious. I got the house blend instead of their "single origin" coffee. (I guess that means its...not a blend).

On another note I loved seeing this old white haired man twirling a football in his had and having a pep talk with his grandson on the lawn in front of me.

They were far away. I tried to zoom my phone camera

Happy, Jittery Sunday in the Park with Caroline