Tuesday, September 14, 2010

La Cure Gourmande

I barely wrote about anything from my week long trip to Provence, because that week was such a shitshow. There was no way for me to write while I was there biking 8 hours a day like a maniac, and once I got back I needed serious rest - and then I wanted to block all of that exercise out of my mind.

One day I'll write about the flight attendant who confirmed all my worst fears when she yelled at me for trying to speak French, or the day it took 4 hours to bike over the first mountain of the day, only to find that on the other side in the village below there was no lunch and nothing open because it was Monday (duh! Stupid Americans), or the time when the French manboy hit on me by saying "We arrre both beautiful people, you and I....". Which was non-enticing.

For now, I will post pictures of: La Cure Gourmande.

It was like stepping straight into Willy Wonka. It was absolutely beautiful, and if I was a kid I would have exploded.

We had been biking for a week straight, with no "snacks"or late night snacking.

No food stores are open past.... like 6 pm... all we did was wake up, eat breakfast, bike for 8 hours, shower, change, eat dinner and go to bed- sometimes starving. So I wanted to eat everything in this entire store.

Hanna's glee...

It was a real cure for starving, exhausted gourmandes.

And I bought a tin that I now keep band-aids in: