Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I decided to do absolutely nothing today in my comfy apartment.

I'm allowed because:

a. It is a Sunday

b. I still have Mono

c. I'm just allowed. Its my life.

d. I did too much for my poor mono-body yesterday

Here is how I spent the day:

Power Breakfast

To fuel a day of sitting on my couch.


I vacuumed my couch so I could sit on a clean couch.

Attempted Nap

didn't work.


Another Attempted Nap

again, no success

(Snack Instead)

Then, Granola Project

I made it. And I ate it.

Now look how fancy I am going to pretend to be:

Decided to take the Lazy Sunday to the next level and made myself tea, even though tea is Dumb. I repeat: TEA IS DUMB.

"Tazo Honeybush": tea that doesn't have caffeine. Even more pointless. But pointless is the point, right? 

Back of the tea:

And so contemplate I did. I decided to change my blog design.

fancy and dumb

As I got my pointless tea and granola ready, Pandora played this song for me, and then I cried. So I am going to share it with you.

Also, I am now cooking a chicken, but I forgot to defrost it so a story will most likely follow. (edited 3 years later: I threw up from bad chicken)

I plan on doing light yoga but I'll probably fall asleep first.

Happy, Lazy Sunday bitches.