Monday, September 20, 2010

Padre Pio


I don't know whether it was my first (shaky) whole-chicken-cooking experience, a virus, or something else, but I spent the better part of 4 am - 7 am sitting up holding my stomach believing I was going to throw up everything I ate yesterday.

I was stressing because I already have mono and don't need another taxing thing on my immune system.

And, worrying about what it could be, because I have also had salmonella before. It is NOT a pretty sight or a quick fix.

Not only that, but I had a fever that started around 11 pm last night that continued through the night.

Padre Pio

In my delirious, fevered, nauseous state I started praying randomly to Padre Pio (!?). Where have I heard of Padre Pio? My mother, yes.

I am an ex-religious who still actually does enjoy a little Saint action now and again.

But, it was truly a delirious prayer session. I was lying in my bed with my face in a big plastic mixing bowl in case I threw up- and starting praying.

"Oh Padre Pio. I don't even know why I thought of you at all. But, that must mean that you are coming to me in my time of nauseous need. You are apparently such a magical man. I know if anyone can help me be as non-sick as possible, it is you and your wounded hands. Thank you so much for helping me if you help me. Thank you Padre. Are you Spanish? Why are you helping here helping me? Thanks"

Then I fell asleep as some modern day hallucination of Padre Pio came to me with glasses and then disappeared.

I did, however, wake up tired- but not nauseous.

I wondered if old Pio really did help me. I also drank Kombucha in the middle of the night too... it may have helped.