Monday, October 4, 2010

UWS Greenmarket

I put my Sunday to good use. One step up from the complete Lazy Sunday is the Take a Walk in the Park and Go to the Greenmarket Sunday.

I faced a big fear of mine yesterday: Talking to (SOME of) the People at the farmer's market. I wanted to be brave enough to ask how their grew their vegetables/fruits. They say you should do that if you care about your health and want to be annoying. "Organic? Low Pesticides? Conventional? Let me bother you more. I am responsible for my health. Etcetera."

The thing is, it is expensive for some of these small farms to be certified Organic, so there are a lot of small farms that ARE organic but can't advertise it. So you need to ask. apparently. But then you run into the problem: What if they are not organic and they get testy... which is exactly what happened.

"How do you grow your fruit?"
"What do you mean "HOW" do I grow my fruit?"
"I mean.... um... do you use pesticides?"
"Uh- Yes. We do. But only the minimum."


I asked about the pears, but after that response I was too scared to ask anyone about anything else.

Also bought sheep's milk cheese (I am guessing raw but I forgot I was scared to ask).