Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bless the Lovers at Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma is like Israel's Starbucks. And now it is here in North America. In Toronto and NYC.

There is an aroma next to my work on 72nd street. I had lunch there today after the family left for Vancouver because I knew if I walked all the way back to my apartment without eating I would eat my table.

I also rudely and dangerously counted my money (under) the table and found they gave me a hefty Chreestmas bonus.

But I ordered a Moroccan Soup, Middle Eastern Salad, and a coffee. They always give you a little chocolate that I never eat because it is milk chocolate and I am snobby.

They have long tables that you share with other people. Very close to me at the table these foreign lovers were repeatedly kissing each other and holding each others' faces across the table. EUGHHHhhhhhh FOREIGNERSSSSSS. And also: EEUUUGGHHHHhhhhhhh LOVERS.

I mean. I was trying to eat my soup. I slurped and slurped and they... well, they were very annoying. But I tried to make a point to bless them in my mind so I would not energetically hate happy people in love (that is also what my self help audio book tried to teach me). But I never actually did bless them for real in my mind. It was fake blessing which is the wrong kind.

I tried to take a picture of them to put here but that would have been obvious. Then IIII would have officially been the weird one. Not them.

W.C. Theory

Also. I have a bathroom theory. My theory is that the uniqueness/cleanness of a bathroom will reflect the uniqueness/cleanness of the establishment.

I like to do this in normal restaurants because it can tell me things about the place. If the place is nicely decorated but the bathroom is industrial- that is a bad sign. If the place is very health conscious and gourmet but the soap is industrial- BAD SIGN. Inconsistencies always draw upon where the restaurant is slacking or LYING to me.

It may be a flawed theory, but it is fun.

Sometimes I take pictures of bathrooms. Yes. I am completely normal.

But I have ALWAYS thought that Aroma's bathroom is especially AWESOME. It is a single bathroom with a nice LOCK. It is BIG. It has dark granite type tiles. It has a modern schmancy artsy flat sink. It has a good energy to it. I cannot explain! It is like a peeing haven. So, that is good for Aroma.

It had industrial type soap, but hey, its a chain. That's acceptable.

I hate hearing crazy people outside my window.

I can't wait to go to bed.