Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't Bite the Babysitter

So, I wrote recently about how babysitting is so awesome because all I have to do is sit around and eat muffins. And then last night happened.

I was actually physically beaten with a plastic baseball bat over and over and over maliciously, then spit on over and over and over and then bitten a few times till I cracked, called their mother to come back and started hysterically crying.

That is what I get for being such a little bitch: "oooh, look at my great life of sitting around eating peoples' food. I have the best-side job in the world, suckaaasszzzzzz".

That is what I get.
I guess.

Also, I had just watched the Modern Family episode where Lily is biting people.

Also #2, I was clearly obsessed with biting into these muffins. So the child bit into me. And that is karma in it's simplest form.

Though I am talking lightly of it now it was quite a dire situation last night. I cried for a long time when I got home- chewed peoples' ears off (get it!?) about whether I would go back or not. Emailed with the mom all night. First saying I was quitting - then saying I would go back. The mom cried all night last night too. We all cried about this biting, batting boy.

I decided to be saintly and come back to give the little vampire another shot. I know I am a good babysitter- and he is normally nice and apparently loves me (pshaw). So here I am, sitting on their computer with the boys in bed and my bite mark fading into a distant memory.

If I am ever bitten or hitten or spitten on again, I am actually quitting. But tonight was somehow completely opposite of last night.

Strangely enough- when I arrived again tonight and the little 4 year old handed me his apology drawing it said: Sorry (with a backwards S), was covered in hearts, and he drew a cake and a hamburger on it.

So... now that this blog I write has practically become an annoying Babysitting Blog, it is still not not a food blog. Because food is karmically following me everywhere I go. I bite it and I get bitten. What can we do except eat more muffins? Which is what I just did.

Peace out. Its Saturday Friday Night.
Don't bite the babysitter.