Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silver Bells, It's Christmas time in the Suburbs

I received a Christmas Card with a half-naked man on it from Annie, and when you open it it sings: OH COME LET US ADOOORRRRRE HIMMM, over and over and stops singing right before what would be "christ the lord". 

And also.... this skeleton key bottle opener.

She must be encouraging me to shed my sobering ways.

No need, I had already had a raucous time the other night when I visited my Aunt. We drank a lot of wine by her real fireplace and wrapped all her children's presents.

Other cousin party last night (and redheaded sister).

God this post is so bad, I am bored just writing it.


In other news, my sister Margaret and I want to become famous like Justin Beiber. Here is the best we could do. 

Our 'Accoustic Firework'. I am the nanny from the Muppets. Headless. Ignore the crotch/double chin situation.