Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Could I Ever Like Football?

Last night I chose Wild Mahi Mahi at the only good restaurant around here with my mother over meeting my High School friends at a Restaurant Bar to "watch the game".

I knew what choice I was making- also nobody else would go to dinner with my mom. Dad wasn't home and Margaret and Shane wanted pizza. If I had to, I would have eaten almond butter.

She proceeded to be coerced by the waiter into buying a whole bottle of Red and drinking 1.5 glasses as opposed to 1- so I designatedly drove home.

Only then did I realize one of my friends had texted me during my captivating dinner asking me if I was still coming to watch the game. 

I am so bad at keeping up with the things I say I "might" do. Its getting to a point where people might be noticing that I am Miss Flightypants. I don't want to be seen that way.

There is a friends dinner downtown in Philadephia tonight, and I am GOING damnit. And I will bring wine like I said I would!

But lets bring this back to Football. Getting together to "watch the game" last night was a great excuse to get together out in a public arena, for the people who DO follow it, and something to do for those who don't care. 

I don't care. But I recognize that SO many people care. Like CARE care. And I am not talking about the people who follow it and know what's going on casually. Thats great! I wish I knew what was going on, too. How can I care if I don't even know where these burly men and dog fighting convicts are supposed to be running?

But the extent that some people get involved in these games is psychotic. Where it seems like their very happiness depends on the outcome of a game that has never had anything to do with them. It might even be crazier than how much I was/am involved with Harry Potter. (Um)

I care about ....things too. As I said... Harry Potter. And.... TV! I love meeting people who share my passion for Thursday Night NBC comedy. It literally is the mortar of many of my friendships.

SO, HEY. Why not see what this whole Football thing is all about. For some reason or another, I admire the woman who knows what's going on. People care about it. Maybe its stupid, but its HAPPENING EEVVVERywhere. People are TALKING about it. Why not know what's going on. Why not get in on the action!? Like her?:

So during the last 6 minutes of the game I had my brother explained some things. I actually said out loud "WOW, that was close!".

I am going to watch next Sunday- and then I guess I'll google "Playoffs" if they are in it.

This is a social experiment, kind of.

With any luck, I'll be as cool as him in no time.