Thursday, December 23, 2010

I need a Christmas Miracle


This is the current Philadelphia Suburb 5-Day-Weather-Report.

A few days ago it was supposed to snow on Saturday. On Christmas.

There aren't enough exciting things that happen on Christmas anymore. What with the death of Santa Clause, and the fact that I will be receiving clothes for Christmas that will probably be too small for me but I'll be forced to try them on anyway and become depressed right before going to a family party- so.... I really need a Christmas Miracle.

The most exciting thing about Christmas when you are 22 are the parties leading up to it- but since I feel like I already need to have a holiday detox from wine- that is also going to stop being exciting.

So, I guess thats why old men are always singing those songs on the radio about White Christmases and Letting it Snow. Its the last exciting thing they can look forward to when Santa and their old-man-alcoholic drinks dissappoint.