Monday, December 27, 2010


annoying "artsy" photos taken with the "retroCamera" app on my phone:

margaret and the blizz

the lamps and the blizz

At 10:30 Pm my mother decided to go for a blizzard walk- so naturally I thought that was a great idea. I got all bundled up in snow gear - had Margaret document my outfit with a camera only to find that Flash + Snow Pants = Tron Legacy.

The walk was freezing, but thankfully my face went numb after a little while so it wasn't as painful.

It was still snowing the whole time. (it was so fun)

Then I slept with my window cracked open because my room is SO hot and woke up to snow on my face.

The wind blew the snow all around and the plow came so it doesn't look as intense as it really was. This morning: