Friday, December 3, 2010

My Thanksgiving Break- Mono Style

Thanks to the fact that I have no real job with a salary, I am very flexible over holidays, which is just the way I like it. Thanksgiving I guess was still normal except that I left on Tuesday- but Christmas promises to be a magnificent extension of College Holiday Break. Let the unrealness continue!

My Thanksgiving Break at home was filled with:

  • a meltdown over having no cocktail party clothes
  • absurd preppy "men" at the reunion cocktail party fighting over who was more Southern
  • my little sister and I making bad harmonies while she played the guitar
  • me forgetting how to say Grace at Thanksgiving Dinner (oof)
  • my mother telling me I am drinking too much for just having mono
  • my mother and I driving to the running track and only staying for 20 minutes (strange on a few levels)
  • putting up Christmas decorations on Black Friday (frighteningly punctual)
  • thinking that my spleen had burst and was leaking into my abdominal cavity- which I am still wondering about except that I might be dead by now

Here are some pictures from when I wasn't melting down, "drinking too much", "running" or looking up "Burst Spleen Symptoms".

Sunset From Train

My brother and I had a nut-cracking party- notice the Cigar "Indian" in the Background

He found a walnut that looked like a brain

cousins eating cheetos- super nonquick

black friday decor

Plumber Santa

Painter Santa

It is still the season to be jolly and joyous. Fa lala!