Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Paid to eat Muffins- kind of

It is starting to alarm me that I am paid to play and eat these familys' food and read Dr. Seuss books.

Yes, there is of course the mundane in baysitting. The very mundane.

banana raisin

Yet, today as I sat there with the 3-year-old eating freshly baked banana muffins by her mom- I wondered how it could be. (my writing influenced by the Grinch I read today? "He stood puzzling and puzzling, How could it be so?")

I arrived at my next babysitting job a little over an hour ago with the kids already asleep and was ushered into the kitchen and shown what dinner was for me in the fridge.

When I was alone, with at least 3 solid hours ahead of me to eat their food, use their computer and watch their tv, I noticed a big basket of freshly baked blueberry muffins on their counter baked by their other nanny, Phuntsok.


How can this be? I literally have found a (side) job, by chance, where a large chunk of time is spent rummaging through other people's kitchens and eating their expensive food. (then we get into the fact that none of these people have as high standards as me with my ingredients, so I judge them on that etc. etc. but that is a different story altogether)

However, as glorious as legitimately being paid to eat people's food can be, muffin eating is not my calling. If only this kitchen rummaging filled my soul, I'd be all set. Too bad it doesn't. Its just pretty good in the meanwhile... while I stall going on auditions and thinking up a brilliant web series.

PS. To be perfectly contradictory, I realize also that today has been an especially charmed day of Babysitting. Tomorrow may easily not be so (again with the Grinch syntax!!!???). I have recently been drawn on, kicked, tricked, splashed, yelled at and mocked.... the list continues....Today was just filled with muffins and no tantrums.

Why am I writing so formally?