Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wasted Day

You know those days, after you get 5 hours of sleep, where you have some time to try to regain that sleep by napping but you can't nap because you are so hungry instead and also drank too much coffee not long ago so you lie in bed worried that you will never ever not be tired again and realize that today is a wasted day that your could be exercising or shopping or, god forbid, creating something awesome like a screenplay or a vase in a pottery class that you don't take?

That's how I feel today. I woke up earlier than I have in months - before the family left for Vancouver. Not only did I arrive with dirty hair, the same shirt as yesterday and a red, eyemakeupless face, but, I very strongly feel the presence of a double chin that I didn't have two weeks ago.


I am supposed to babysit someone else tonight (biting boy), and so I will. Maybe I will wash my hair before I go, maybe I won't. That is life.

I'm also supposed to go out with my friend Alex tonight after, but I don't think I can. I don't think my red eyes and shaky hands will make it.

Maybe I'll do 5 minutes of yoga in my room before I collapse in an exasperated heap ontop of myself.

I don't even have anything important or difficult to do. I am not supporting myself and a baby and  juggling a full time job. I am so sick of complaining about sleep.

Some people live their whole life on 4 hours of sleep.

Martha Stewart does and she is an exceptionally productive entrepreneur/criminal. Bethenny Frankel does too.

I don't think that living on minimal sleep is a good thing, but if these women can fuel a highly productive life on no sleep - then I can manage one day like this.

I raise my kombucha to better days, regular sleep schedules, and eating/living like a pretentious French woman again.

God give me sleep tonight.
(So I can go shopping tomorrow...)