Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nuggets of Wisdom: Amy Sedaris

This morning I woke up early (early for me AND early for Saturday) to babysit the biting boy and his brother. I thought things might go smoothly because its not bed-time and we could all just play and get along, but right at the end he started destroying things angrily, so I had to give him a time-out. The parents got home just as the time-out was ending.

I was shaking all the way home.

I think I should quit because I am actually afraid of him.

On a Brighter Note

My friend Mary and I want to practice holding dinner parties. This is part of my plan to become an Entertainer. It makes me feel alive to have goals, even if I never reach them.

Tonight Mary is having a dinner party, which might turn into a snack party which is just as well.

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

I am reading Amy Sedaris' book "I Like You, Hospitality Under the Influence" to get some tips for tonight.

I am just in the beginning but have already gotten a lot of nuggets. It is not a quick read. It is dense and very specific.

Since I have already made a party log of my party like she suggested- I am going to continue and relay some tips I have underlined from the book thus far:

What not to bring:

"Don't you dare show up with bamboo! You might as will bring a turtle!"


(I like sunflowers! But I am assuming she is referring to their top-heavy nature and difficulty to wrangle into a vase.)

What to serve to whom:

"If you are entertaining someone with the misfortune of bad skin, stray from serving cranberry muffins or pizza or any other food that might mimic their face.".

Maybe I should keep that in mind when serving myself.

On Menu Variation

"Think twice before you serve a tomato soup with a tomato salad followed by spaghetti marinara, and Bloody Marys for cocktails. That's a lot of acid to drop in one night".

Shopping Misc:

"Notice in local health food stores how unhealthy the people tend to look". Agreed.

"Cashiers will notice patterns like ice cream at midnight three days in a row. The same is true for liquor. Rotate your stores". Stealth.

Why does she hate turtles so much? That was the hook. I must read more to find out why.