Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Terror of Hip Hop Dancing

So... this afternoon I was feeling a great deal of "Ennui"- look it up if you are too illiterate to know what that means - I just did.

Ok, I was feeling all ennuiey, and decided to scare myself and go to a dance class at Steps. It was part of my New Year's resolution to attend Dance Classes again, and I have yet to go to one.

I looked at the Sunday Schedule online, and as it was already 1:15 pm, there weren't that many options left.

There was Advanced Beginner Jazz- eek, do I feel like getting my jazz shoes down from above my closet?

There was Advanced Beginner Tap. Hmmmm.

And Beginner Hip Hop. Ding!

I have not been to a dance class in about a year, and haven't been to a dance class where I don't know anyone in about... 5 years because I had dance regimented into my curriculum for my college degree with all my classmates.

So. I was trying to bite the bullet and just get back into it. It will probably always scare the bejeezus out of me but the idea of going to beginner class was a good way to start. I AM a beginner at Hip Hop for all intents and purposes.

However, I did sit at my desk staring blankly at the schedule for another good 4 minutes and my heart began to race.

Why am I doing this to myself? Alone?! I should wait till I can bring a friend. I am so scared of dance.

No one is ever going to be around to go. By the time you convince Sandy to go with you it is going to be 2013. You have to do this for yourself, Caroline. Face the music.


Look up the class rate.

17$!? thats too much.

GO to the class, Caroline.



Then I panicked about clothes. "WHAT DO PEOPLE WHERE TO HIP HOP CLASS AGAIN?"

I own no loose fitting sweat clothes because they make me look FAT(ter than necessary) but that is what hip hoppers wear.

So I put on a tank top and leggings and.... sneakers.

But Lo! Behold! I have debilitating blisters from my new SNOW boots:

And therefore cannot attend class and dance in shoes. I took off my sneakers in pain, defeat, and relief.

But then I was mad at myself because I had finally convinced myself to go. And then actually couldn't (actually! Don't get those Sorel boots, they suck.) I already got dressed AND I had planned on writing about it on this blog later today and showcasing how horrible I was and why Dancers are scary beasts.

But then, I decided if I couldn't go to that 1.5 hour, $17, shoe-wearing Hip Hop class, I could instead do a 20 minute, $0, shoeless Hip Hop video On Demand.

Then I decided to film it.

You can see why the idea of a real Hip Hop class scared me though I did sort of get into it by the end: