Thursday, February 24, 2011

Face In Hole

Thanks to and I was able to deface the jpeg of a bookcover for my own purposes and amusement.

I am having a party tomorrow night. Bad timing because I have no money. But that is neither there nor there.

I was making the party invite on Facebook- and was looking for a great picture to add from my computer as the invite picture. Little did I know, I was subconsciouly really looking to rip off Amy Sedaris, because what I ended up using was:

Which, to me, had the same effect, subconsciously, as Amy Sedaris' absurd book cover holding the fake turkey. Because this picture is also absurd and dumb and was taken by a creepy headshot photographer man who I hired and who insisted that I pay him extra to make industry comp cards for industrial modeling or something stupid like that. This was supposed to be my "professional" look.

But nobody really understood, and people just thought I was trying to put up a nice picture of myself.... with my hand on my hip.... "Come to my birthday party, don't I look serious and nice?". Which was the opposite sentiment of the one I wanted. And instead it makes it look like I am obsessed with myself.

SO NEXT time I have a party. I am going to have it represented by my faceinhole-Amy Sedaris-faux Turkey. So people understand I mean business and don't mean business all at the same time.