Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Abandoned Notebooks

Among the things hidden in/on my bookshelf- I found two notebooks from college. I take so few notes in general- that these notebooks in question spanned many semesters/years. (I preferred to just take in information by sitting there and not listening). Next to the measly real-class notes, are a lot of strange conversations with myself (and doodles).

Its almost like my subconscious way of talking to myself during class, a time when I can't talk out loud to myself, which is what I normally do to exorcise my irregular thoughts.

Unfinished Christmas List 2008: I am a bomber (im... not)

Attempted Creepy Sphinx Doodle was inspired by a poem from that class

"I hope I'm not Bridget Jones" and "It's ok- I can handle anything". 
Really, Caroline?

"I love wine anyway... I don't really have a headache"

bonus: mushroom doodles

"Why can I be so cold? Oh I am so mean"


from a Celtic Music Class