Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cute Alcoholism

I am going to stock up on those baby wine bottles- because I am strongly considering becoming a functional alcoholic.

As opposed to "Oh no, I won't have a glass of wine by myself with my dinner and the E! network, because I don't want that big bottle of wine to go to waste when I don't drink it all in 3 days." Or, "If I open that bottle of wine I intend to be responsible and don't want to finish it in 3 days (by myself)". So I don't. And then there is no wine, and sometimes, that's not ideal.
Now there will be no excuse not to have a glass of wine. Nothing sacrificed except my functionality.

Not this small

This small. I think.

Google search for baby alcohol took me to this picture. This is the cutest alcoholism I have ever seen! Dysfunction fit for a baby!