Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mardi Gras (+ Lent)

Mardi Gras Party on Saturday night thrown by a very good cook. Hush puppies, pickled vegetables, beef poppers, a dramatic muffuletta platter (with hilarious generic sandwich bread to serve it on, which was his roommate, my friend's, fault), cupcakes.... and even some Ferraro Rochers.

There quite a spread of alcohol and mixers too. It was not a college party- it was a slightly more advanced party with homemade vodka and everything.

Some girl that was not me found the bead inside some King cake and became The Queen of the party, receiving a glass beer mug as another prize.

But it was fun. And Danielle and I took some vanity shots, this being the most unflattering one:

I don't think I have ever successfully in my life given up something for lent. And there were years when I actually considered myself to be Catholic, not so much anymore. Cafeteria Catholic maybe now, maybe even something more like "Attempting Spiritual Awareness"- I'll come up with a name later. But despite my lack of organized religion NOWadays, I actually want to give up something because.... I just do.

I want to enhance my life. Positively. If only for 1.5 months.

So I think I will give up Superfluous Television. Meaning I can watch "my shows". I will have a definitive list that I'll make on Tuesday- when I sit in front of the TV all night- and then starting Wednesday- I will transform into the perfect person.

(What I really should do is give up "Superfluous Internet".) (Next year, next year)

the cooler, more composed and almost apathetic version of danielle and myself