Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aiden Isn't Afraid of Rabid Raccoons

stress for me.

As I pushed little Caroline in the stroller to her playdate in Central Park, I passed a sunglassed, long-haired dude smiling to himself- who looked a lot like Aiden from Sex and the City.


But we were late to the playdate, which took precedence, and also, I'm afraid of famous people. So I kept on walking, till little Caroline pointed in front of us and yelled excitedly: 


Lo and behold! - a little raccoon was walking towards us.

I WHEELED the stroller around because all I know about raccoons is: If you see one in the day- bolt, because it has rabies.

But oooooooh no. Aiden chose this life or death moment to start talking to me in his signature Southern-y Stoner-y drawl:

Aiden: "It's ok- he's a nice little guy"

Me: "What??"

Aiden: "I've been watchin' him fer an hour. People've been feedin him and everything- he's safe"

I was caught between a potentially rabid raccoon at my back who was heading TOWARDS us- and between a famous guy (John Corbett) (who I'm afraid of) assuring me I was safe.

I said- "eaahhhhheehhh" and started to wheel the stroller away from J-Aiden and into the street to avoid the raccoon.

John/Aiden INSISTED: "No really he's safe, I've really been watching him. He's been eatin out of peoples' hands."

I just stared at him. 

Me: "Really?"

Him: "Yeaa yeaaa, I think he's just young and confused"


Me:"Ok........I just don't want there to be any rabies going on"   ('going on???!!!??' ) 

Him: "Nahh"

Then the raccoon kind of ambled off the sidewalk drunkenly- so I was able to take John/Aiden's advice and also avoid the raccoon.

Me: "Welllll.... Thank you!"

Him: "Sherrrr"

I never let even him know that I KNEW HE WAS FAMOUS - because that is my ultimate fear- bothering the famous. But I'll tell you- he really bothered me when he tried to push me and my mini-me into the path of a rabid animal.

He is from West Virginia. Shouldn't he know about raccoons?