Friday, June 10, 2011

E-bay Criminal

It was so hot yesterday in NYC that I kept saying to myself outloud on the street "I feel like this isn't real". Outloud. Maybe I thought I was in a dream, but I definitely scared a couple old ladies.

I decided I need to start selling all of my things on e-bay to combat my impending poverty.

Last week, I tried to sell a bag on e-bay that I thought was real- it was a small "Louis Vuitton" that my aunt gave me a few years ago. 

But guess what... It was fake and I didn't know till ebay took it down and now I am a pseudo-criminal in their eyes. I should have realized.... I was only a teenager... Why would she give me a real one? Just because she gave me real pearls when I was 5 because she is my god-mother...


I need to go. I have important things to do.

(My apartment in High Saturation Mode. For no Reason)