Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mac Stores, Black Eyes and Family Photos

I spilled coffee on my computer a week ago because my hands are very weak in the morning.

I turned it off and upside down for a whole day, but it just wasn't working anymore.

Atlantic City

shit show

Atlantic City has the closest Apple Store to Ocean City, so I made an appointment the other day and dragged my little sister Margaret along. She has a black eye.

Little did I know it was the 'Air Show' in Atlantic City the day of my appointment. Too Loud- we thought there were bombs going off. And too chaotic and crowded: Car Park Hell.


Anyways, my computer was busted- yet something inspired me to be honest with the Sir working the Genius Bar. I had had too much coffee that day already (ironically) and was majorly stressed from being an hour late to my appointment because we had to go up and down and up again in a packed 12-story car park- and I knocked this wobbly poll on my way into the spot we found. (And there were a lot of signs for stripper clubs in Atlantic City).

So basically I seemed very upset while talking about my computer.

Turns out I needed $714 worth of repair that Apple Care doesn't normally cover, but I got it for free. I don't know why. I almost asked but thought that Sir would rescind the kindness if I questioned it.

12 days left in my 2 year warranty.

Family Photo

"How To Make A Girl with a Black Eye Feel Less Horrible (in an Overly-Sunny Picture)"