Thursday, August 11, 2011

When it rains face-plants, it pours face-plants.

I don't know if I am using the correct terminology "face-plant", and I mostly don't care.

My meaning: to slam one's face into something- hard.

Not shrubbery on one's face. Though I could write a whole book about that one, too.

Where are you, Carmen?

I am currently at the (jersey) shore, rehearsing Annie (the musical), in a NEW shore home that is about 5 X bigger than the one we just moved from down at the other end of the island. Literally.

I am doing fine, generally, thank you for asking.

Fun Fact:

Yesterday it rained so hard that it flooded for a few hours. Men were kayaking on the road next to where we were rehearsing.

Other Things:

It's boring to tell, but in "Annie" (the musical), I am playing Grace - the even more boring secretary to Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks. Except it seems, through some weird stage directions and dialogue, that this boring and 'kind' woman develops a drinking problem and some other forms of desperation and insanity as the show rolls along.

Though, it may just be my interpretation.

There is one part when she is supposed to faint when Oliver Warbucks (the rich man she works for and is 'in love with') tells her she is wearing a nice dress.

We cut that out.

Then there is the part where she is supposed to intercept the handing over of a check by snatching it and doing "twirls" before handing it to the other person.

We cut that out too.


However, I couldn't let the twirls go without giving them a good go-round. So today, as I mocked the script-twirls with one of my cast-mate buds, I did some manic twirls with my eyes closed off into the middle of the room.


And yes, I 'face-planted' into the back of the older actor playing Warbucks. It incapacitated me for a while. It hurt like hell, felt like I had blood trickling into my eyes, and gave me a horrible headache. I thought I had broken my nose like I did 6 years ago in a dance rehearsal doing.... you guessed it. Twirls. 

But I didn't.

This is one reason among many that I am not, and choose not, to be a dancer.

Ten hours later and I had mostly recovered though my head still hurt and still had pressure behind the eyes.

And as I hung out with my family I walked into the screen door. Face first.

As much as my face hurts as I sit here, typing with one hand while icing my face/nose, I am more freaked out by the reoccurrence of the face-plant.

I just wanted to enjoy the use of this family shore house and all my cousins/aunts/uncles sitting/running around in it. But- I guess today... I must ice my face.



This is Grace below. Imagine this number with no dancing on my part, a less-cool musical arrangement and lyrics like "Gussie her up" and "good times are comin now since you came our way, its christmas every day".