Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Wish You Were Frugal with Food

After unsuccessfully trying to cut down my eating/food budget I have realized drastic measures have to be taken.

Now, understand this is mainly for the purpose of having money to buy some clothes. Some Key pieces for the Fall.... like.... red pants, seventies blouses and ... some clothes that aren't blue.

I have healthy, expensive, and bizarre tastes. So, there is only so much I am willing to do. Will I be switching to Ramen and Skippy and store-brand macncheese? No.

What I AM willing to do:

1. Eat Out Never a lot Less :( But only until I buy my leopard print flats and cable knit sweater and other important wardrobe additions.

2. Cut down on Kombucha.... like... A lot.

3. Eat Other People's Food.

4. More Eggs.

5. Soak and Cook Beans. no more cans :-/

6. Trader Joe's

7. No more late night corner-deli purchases. Those tricksters have high prices.

8. Eggs and Toast. Eggs and Toast. Eggs and Toast and Salt.

9. Drink Less Coffee (I already started. It is sad but helpful- on many levels)

10. Eat other people's food some more. Obviously only if they offer it, but when they do... take them up on it and then some. Unless of course it is normal, processed food from a normal, processed supermarket, in which case: maybe don't.

11. Quinoa!

12. Should I start making my own yogurt? What's the POINT? SHOULD I START MILKING MY OWN COW?

13. onions? bananas? potatoes?

14. Don't worry I WILL eat some vegetables.

15. Is $100 a week a lot for people? A little? Because it is a serious STRUGGLE for me.

16. Sorry for all the CAPS LOCK. But I am having a VERY ROUGH TIME.

17. No Cardio. I'm not kidding. I already walk enough. NO CARDIO. I need to be less hungry. Because I am starving EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.

18. should I buy my own goat?

19. Buy the cheapest Almond Butter Possible

20. I don't know.

21. If I went on one dinner date a night, then ... maybe people would pay for my dinners. Sometimes that doesn't work out though, because its 2011. And people try to be equal.

22. Start to Wedding Crash.

23. Go on a Fast. That would work, but it would depress me.

24. Obviously eat "seasonally" and "locally". Which I believe in 100%, but since I have a fear of the farmer's market employees, no matter what I buy seasonally, it is mostly from California and Mexico anyway.

We'll See....

I have been eating other people's/my freezer for a week and a half and .... I get to go to Trader Joe's tomorrow. yessssssss.

Over and Out.